Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Phot of the Day: Pantheon, Rome

Photo of the Day: Pantheon, Rome (built by the emperor Hadrian in 125AD)
Perhaps I should be a little bit less philosophical today, and just post the “photo of the day”.  Today’s image is of the Pantheon in Rome, which I chose simply because I think it is a cool photo.  It might be the best shot of the entire trip.  I spent a lot of time on this trip running around Rome at night trying to get some decent night photography.  I am pretty excited about the results considering my camera is a 5 year old “point and shoot” (with a lens that only sometimes retracts) and a 3” bendy tripod.  Hopefully someday I will get a big boy camera and really be able to do some serious stuff, but in spite of my lack of sophisticated photography equipment, I am thrilled with this image.

As far as the pantheon….. Well, quite simply this is the most significant piece of architecture in western history, as far as I am concerned.  The interior volume with its 42m hemispherical dome is one of the most awesome spaces I have encountered. The interior space of the pantheon is the perfect blend of the tectonic and the poetic, or the art and science of architecture.  Maybe I should expand on these thoughts in a future post, but for now I think I will just enjoy the photo, and daydream about being in Rome.

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